DARPA Spectrum Challenge News and Updates

Here are the 18 teams that have qualified for the Preliminary and Final Challenge Events:

Team Name Affiliation Location Qualification Ranking*
Purdue Purdue University, Raytheon BBN West Lafayette, IN 1
Efficient Spectrum Individual Centreville, VA 2
WSL-NEU Northeastern University Boston, MA 3
MarmotE Vanderbilt University, ISIS Nashville, TN 5
Gator Wings University of Florida Gainesville, FL 6
Spartans San Jose State University San Jose, CA 7
RxTx Individuals San Diego, CA 8
VT-Hume Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA 9
wasabi Individual Seattle, WA 10
VT CogRad Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA 11
The Orange Wireless Warriors Syracuse University Syracuse NY 12
Wireless Infidels Polytechnic Institute of NYU Brooklyn, NY 13
Georgia Tech Research Institute Georgia Tech Research Institute Atlanta, GA 14
Wildcats Northwestern University Evanston, IL 15
Notre Spectrum Notre Dame University South Bend, IN Competitive Mode
Wildcard Winner
KPE Individual Albuquerque, NM Cooperative Mode
Wildcard Winner
Tennessee Tech Telecom Tennessee Technological University Cookeville, TN Overall Average Score
Wildcard Winner
Buzz Radio Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, GA 2nd Place Overall Average Score
Wildcard Winner
* Rankings based on Hurdle-3 qualification score.