Vanderbilt University

Team MarmotE had four members from Hungary and the US. Miklos Maroti, a mathematician at the University of Szeged, was the main architect and the most active developer of the team. Peter Volgyesi, a research scientist at Vanderbilt University was the administrative lead of the team. MarmotE’s initial involvement with the Spectrum Challenge was motivated by Volgyesi’s NSF NeTS project. Sandor Szilvasi, an RF and FPGA engineer with strong data visualization skills, was focused on tool support and performance evaluation of their design. Peter Horvath is an RF and digital communication expert with a deep theoretical background in these domains. MarmotE also successfully participated in the first DARPA Spectrum Challenge.

Team Members:
  Miklos Maroti (University of Szeged), Peter Volgyesi (Vanderbilt University), Sandor Szilvasi, Peter Horvath (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)