WPI Robotics Engineering C Squad (WRECS)
WPI Robotics Engineering C Squad (WRECS)
Worcester, MA
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Worcester Polytechnic Institute has teamed up with Carnegie Mellon University for the DRC Trials. We have broken the effort down along tasks, with shared work where appropriate.

Involvement in Prior DARPA Challenges:

Kevin Knoedler has participated in DARPA Grand/Urban Challenges

Other interesting items:

This is a collaborative effort involving 23 WPI team members and nine CMU members.  The team members have a variety of expertise in robotics software, balancing and walking behaviors, robot perception, project management, and professional software engineering. Co-principal investigators are WPI professors Michael Gennert and Taşkın Padır, along with CMU professor Christopher Atkeson, while the team leader is Matthew DeDonato of WPI.

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