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Robot Task - Wall

For the Wall task, the robot will use a cordless drill to cut through wall boards to remove a prescribed shape. The wall material will be inch thick drywall. There will be no obstruction or supports directly behind the cut pattern.

The task is to cut exclusively within the area to remove shape, while not cutting into the area outside the frame. Once the outside of the shaded areas are removed, the robot may push the drywall in an attempt to remove the red area. If the drywall is removed in this way, all breaks in the drywall must be within the margins described above.

Teams may choose between two types of cordless drill, of which both will have two fully-charged drills provided on a shelf in the workspace, both set to the highest speed. Drills will be OFF. Bits will be pre-installed. If one of the tools ceases to function (for example because the robot dropped it, or the bit broke), the robot may use another tool.

If a team requests a Reset during this task, the robot will be returned to the Reset area outside the door. There will be a bypass lane if a team chooses not to attempt this task.