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Robot Task - Rubble

For the Rubble task, the robot will earn one point for successfully traversing either the debris field or the terrain field. The robot may traverse both fields; however, it will earn at most one point.

Visible lines will mark the boundary between terrain and rubble. The task shall be considered complete when all contacts between the terrain and the robot occur in the end zone, or in other words, when no terrain/robot contact occurs in the final terrain segment.

The blocks will be laid out, as much as possible and practical, so that any holes face the side of the course rather than the start or end of the course. The blocks will not be fastened to the ground. Terrain may shift during a run. Terrain that shifts will be restored to its initial state after a run but not during a reset.

For the Debris side of the task, the robot begins behind the start line, so that the debris lies directly between the start point and the finish. A team needs to get to the other side by either moving the debris or getting over it. The debris pieces will be constructed of lightweight components, all less than 5 lbs.

If a Reset takes place during the task, all debris pieces will be left in place, and the robot will be returned to the Reset area outside the door.

There will be a bypass lane if a team chooses not to attempt this task.