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Robot Task - Drive

For the Drive task, the robot begins in the vehicle, drives through the course, and crosses the finish line. The vehicle being used is the Polaris Ranger XP 900. Teams are allowed five minutes with no tools to modify the vehicle to enable their robot to operate the Ranger more effectively. The robot will begin the run in the vehicle, with the key in the ignition, the vehicle turned on and running, and the vehicle in "high" gear (because it offers the smoothest start-up). The robot may operate the shift lever to change gear, but this is not required. To drive the vehicle, the robot needs to depress the accelerator and to rotate the steering wheel.

The driving section of the course consists of a set of orange and white pylons that block the straight part with additional barriers defining the boundaries of the course.

This task shall be considered complete when both rear wheels of the vehicle have crossed the finish line. If during the course of the run, any barrier moves because it was struck by either the vehicle or the robot, no point will be awarded for the task.

If a team chooses to not drive the vehicle, the robot may walk the distance to the finish line, but will not earn a point.