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Team NEDO-Hydra

Team NEDO-Hydra

Tokyo, Japan

Team NEDO-Hydra withdrew from the DRC Finals

We are a team of four universities. In total we have more than twenty people actively working on the project. The University of Tokyo develops the robot hardware including electronics. Chiba Institute of Technology develops the sensing, localizing, and visualizing systems. Osaka University works on the locomotion and manipulation. Kobe University works on the network and teleoperation systems. We bring the expertise of four labs and build a totally new humanoid robot system. The representatives of each university are:

  • (UT) Yoshihiko Nakamura
  • (CIT) Kiyoshi Irie
  • (OU) Tomomichi Sugihara
  • (KU) Yasuyoshi Yokokohji

Hydra has 41DOF in total, which include 30DOF for limbs and waist, 10DOF for two hands, and 1DOF for the neck. Hydra is a completely new type of humanoid robot actuated by Electro-Hydraulic Actuators (40 among 41DOF). The actuators are developed to make a force-sensitive robot at the University of Tokyo.

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180 cm
110 kg