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Team SNU

Team SNU

Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Team SNU (Seoul National University) is composed of three subgroups: Dynamic Robotic Systems Lab (DYROS Lab), Machine Intelligence & Pattern Analysis Lab (MIPAL Lab), and SimLab (private company). Team SNU uses THORMANG developed by ROBOTIS.

DYROS lab is in charge of control aspect of the robot and overall team management for DRC. The lab develops advanced intelligent robotic systems and their control algorithms so that they can interact with humans in our human environment. The main research areas are whole-body multi-contact control, robot-environment interaction, biomechanics, human motion analysis, compliant actuators, and robotic arts.

MIPAL works on perception part of the robot for Team SNU. MIPAL at Seoul National University studies a broad spectrum of subjects relevant to pattern recognition and machine learning using statistical analysis. MIPAL's main area of interest includes object recognition, object detection, pattern classification, statistical data analysis, Image processing and Computer vision.

SimLab provides the software framework and interface to the robot for Team SNU. The company makes the complete software and hardware solutions for the robotics research, development, and educational communities. SimLab's products include RoboticsLab™(robotic system modeling tools and real-time dynamics simulation SDK) and RealtimeRobotics™(real-time robot control SDK), as well as robot HW platforms: Allegro Dog/Arm/Hand™(quadruped, manipulator, and 16-DOF robotic hand).

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