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Daejeon, South Korea

Rainbow Co. and KAIST worked together to develop both the hardware and software. 4 masters, 10 Ph. D students in KAIST, 4 doctors in Rainbow Co. all have been working on DRC from the start. And 10 staffs in Rainbow Co. assists specially robot's hardware part. We have been interested in academic issues such as bipedal walking algorithm, articulated robot manipulation, unmanned vehicle driving and etc. The KAIST students mainly consists of 2 laboratories of KAIST, 13 students of HuboLab and 5 students of RCV Lab. HuboLab, supervised by Prof. JunHo Oh, has played leading role in development of HUBO's all performance such as bipedal walking, manipulation, control algorithm and etc. From the beginning of HUBO history, they has been involved in developing and improving all hardware and software of HUBO series. Especially, 3 doctors of Rainbow Co. who are the specialists for the HUBO development, is from the HuboLab. RCV Lab is doing about computer vision such as 3D reconstruction, object recognition for the DRC.

DRC-Hubo is the latest version of HUBO. HUBO stands for "HUmanoid roBOt". HUBO has been developed since 2002. DRC-HUBO is the most powerful version among the previous HUBO series. The robot is redesigned to be more powerful and more capable. We rewrote the walking algorithm for the new design. Every joint motor is more powerful. All motors that handle a higher workload now are equipped with air cooling. The hands are stronger to handle various tasks in a disaster situation. It can also transform from a standing position, used for biped walking, to a kneeling pose that is meant for wheeled and fast motion. This gives the robot is uniqueness.

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180 cm
80 kg