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Team Intelligent Pioneer

Team Intelligent Pioneer

Changzhou, PR China

Team Intelligent Pioneer withdrew from the DRC Finals

In our team, there are more than 10 people, who come from different research area, like for example mechanical engineering, computer science, electrical engineering and so on. They work on industrial automation, mechanical design, robotics and so on outside of the DRC. The team was formed after we are funded by a humanoid robot project by Chinese Academy of Sciences. We have no special strategy for preparing for the DRC but working on it as hard as possible.

Our humanoid robot is inspired by human itself, the original mission is to develop household service robot which can help people to do housework and take care of the aged and children. Its name Xing Tian comes from an ancient Chinese myth hero. After the DRC, we will continue to develop it with the aim to build service robot. Right now there is no version for commercial sale.

Team details last modified: May 30, 2015
Xing Tian
160 cm
70 kg