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Robotica Comedia

Human beings rarely squander an opportunity for comedy. That tendency is holding true in Building Nine of the Fairplex in Pomona, where the DRC teams are preparing their robots for the big race days on Friday and Saturday.

Team THOR members couldn't stop themselves from adding a doll head and some tattoo sleeves, not to mention a little UCLA bling, to their THOR-RD robot.

Team VALOR didn't forget to pack a garden gnome-for a test bed they set up in their garage bay-along with a grab bag of props for their robot ESCHER. One more thing: a baby shoe on a stick, here in the hands of team member and graduate student John Seminatore, has proven to be a useful and gentle engineering tool for prodding ESHER's joints.

Team Grit makes a Western fashion statement atop its quadruped robot, Cog-Burn.