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Robots4Us FAQs

Can I/we use material that is copyrighted in our video?

It is the entrant's responsibility to make sure that they have the rights to any material used in the video. By submitting a video to the competition the entrant affirms that the submission uses only content that is original, is in the public domain or, if copyrighted or otherwise subject to use restrictions, has explicitly been made available for unlimited public use.

Can we use graphics / simulation to generate a video submission?

Yes. Entrants are free to use video, graphics, illustrations, music, or images to convey their view of how robots can make a difference for society in the future, so long as they follow the restrictions regarding copyright and intellectual property stated in the rules.

Can we submit a video that is less than 2 minutes?

No. The Submission must be between 2- and 3-minutes in length. Videos that are too short or too long will not be considered.

Does my father / mother have to sign off on my video?

Those submitting entries who are not yet 18 years of age on the date of submission must have their parent or guardian sign off on the submission and acknowledge that they accept the rules of the contest. The rules can be reviewed at this address.

Can we submit a private YouTube video to the contest?

Submissions must be unlisted YouTube videos. The videos cannot be listed or private videos. See - for how to change the privacy settings for a video entry. Videos that do not have the correct privacy setting will not be considered.

What are the important dates I need to know for submitting a video?

Only videos uploaded to YouTube between February 11, 2015, and April 1, 2015, will be considered. By submitting the entry to the contest you assure the material has not been previously published.

My parent works for a DARPA contractor. Can I still participate?

It depends. Students are ineligible to enter the Contest if they are the immediate family member or a member of the same household of: (1) a DARPA government or contractor employee involved with the Contest; or (2) an employee of any entity that is assisting DARPA with the Contest.

We have three great videos for the contest. Can we submit all of them?

Each Contest participant is restricted to only one Submission, whether as an individual or as part of a team.

When will the winners be announced?

The winners will be notified no later than May 7, 2015, by email. Public announcement will be made later in May by DARPA.

Will the People's Choice popular vote winner be invited to the ceremony on June 7th?

No, only the 5 winners selected by DARPA will be awarded travel, accommodation, etc. to attend the DRC Finals 5-6 June and to participate in the special event on June 7th.

What do we/I win if our video is selected as a winner by DARPA?

All winners, including team members, will receive a certificate recognizing their achievement. One representative for each winning entry will be invited to attend the DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals on June 5-6 and to participate in a special event on June 7. All of those events take place at the Fairplex in Pomona, CA, a suburb of Los Angeles. Travel within the United States, accommodation and meal expenses for the designated student and for the accompanying parent, guardian, or chaperone will be included in the award.

What if I win but can't attend the California events?

Only those who can attend the event will be considered. If an individual or team is selected as a winner and that individual or the team's representative informs DARPA that he or she cannot attend, then the individual or team will forfeit the award, and the award will go to a runner up.

Right now we are stationed outside the United States. Can we still participate?

If a student is enrolled in a high school or home-schooled in grades 9-12 in the United States or in U.S. territories, he or she can participate. In addition US Students enrolled in DoDEA Schools overseas can also participate. For winners, travel to and from Pomona, CA, will be provided only within the United States.

How are the entries evaluated?

Submissions will be rated by a panel of experts and by DARPA using the following criteria:

  • The clarity with which you communicate your vision of how robots could make a difference for society in the future, and the kind of robot-assisted society you would like to see in the future,
  • Your creativity, thoughtfulness, originality and appeal as you express your vision, and
  • The technical quality of the video

There is also a "People's Choice Award,"

How does the People's Choice Award work?

DARPA will select a subset of videos to compete for the People's Choice Award. Those videos will be announced on the Contest website by April 20, 2015. The winner of this Award will be determined by the number of YouTube "likes" a video receives between April 20, 2015, 12:01 AM EST, and May 4, 2015 by 11:59 PM, which is the deadline for the People's Choice Contest.

We have a really impressive robot design that we would like to have considered. Can we submit our design for the Contest?

The Contest is about a vision for a future society that is robot-assisted rather than specific robotics technology that you have developed. The judging will focus on your vision of how robots could make a difference for society in the future. You can, of course, describe robotics technologies that might not exist today.

We have some questions about the submission of a video. Who should we contact?

Start by consulting the Contest website: Robotics Challenge

If you still have questions, please send an email to