Figure 5 shows the course layout for the Door task.  The robot begins to the left of the diagram and proceeds to the right.  The start line appears green in the figure.

The Door task consists of three sub-tasks:  (1) Enter push door (1 point), (2) Enter pull door (1 point), and (3) enter pull door with weighted closer (1 point).  These sub-tasks must be completed in the given order.

For each of the three sub-tasks, completion requires the robot to first open the door and then travel through the open doorway and cross a line on the floor on the far side of the door.  This sub-task shall be considered complete when all parts of the robot (excepting the tether) have crossed the line. 

None of the doors will have a threshold.  The task will take place on a flat floor surface.

The DRC Trials will use a 36 inch doorway.  Note that when a 36” door frame opens, the true width with jamb and the side of door is approximately 33.5 inches.  (The DRC Trials Initial Task Description Bill of Materials specifies a 36 inch doorway.  Note that the DRC Qualification document initially specified a 32 inch doorway, which was then relaxed to a 36 inch doorway.)

The DRC Trials will use a lever-style handle on each of the three doors.  The lever handle will be the same as that specified in the Initial Task Description document, namely, the Schlage Standard Duty Lever Lockset Passage Function, 2-3/8" Backset, Chrome (, or similar.  The door handle operates either by rotating downward or by rotating upward.

The height of a door handle shall be approximately 40 inches above the ground, no less than 32 inches above the ground, and no more than 48 inches above the ground.

The force required to open the pull door with weighted closer is TBD pounds of force applied at the handle.

For interventions that take place in the first sub-task, the robot will be returned to the start (behind the green line in the figure).  For interventions that take place in the second or third sub-task, the robot will be returned to the designated location earlier in the course (behind the yellow and orange lines, respectively, in the figure), and all doors in front of the robot will be closed.

Task Schedule - Day 1

Start TimeEnd TimeBlueRed
11:0012:00Intelligent Pioneer


Task Schedule - Day 2

Start TimeEnd TimeBlueRed
9:0010:00HKUTartan Rescue
11:0012:00IHMC RoboticsDRC-Hubo
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