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Below is a list of important information added to the Grand Challenge web site since June 8, 2004:

October 20, 2005

DARPA releases Grand challenge RDDF.  Rules


October 5, 2005

Finalists selected for DARPA Grand Challenge (October 5, 2005) Press Release


September 28, 2005

DARPA Grand Challenge Kicks Off with National Qualification Event Press Release


September 19, 2005

DARPA 2005 Grand Challenge Event will start and finish in Primm, Nevada. Front Page  Media Coverage Guidelines document updated.  Q&A section updated.  Practice Areas updated.


September 14, 2005

DARPA announces Grand Challenge Base of Operations.  Press Release


September 8, 2005

DARPA releases Rule Clarifications. Rules


September 8, 2005

DARPA releases Garage Assignments. Rules


August 30, 2005

DARPA releases Sample Inspection Checklist. Rules


August 29, 2005

DARPA releases NQE Practice Area Route Information.  Rules


August 23, 2005

Top three alternate teams have been invited to the Grand Challenge 2005 National Qualification Event. Press Release


August 23, 2005

DARPA releases NQE Course.  Rules


August 22, 2005

DARPA issues GCE Handout. Rules


August 12, 2005

DARPA announces Grand Challenge Area. Press Release


August 8, 2005

DARPA issues NQE Handout. Rules


August 3, 2005

DARPA issues RDDF Document and Sample RDDF. Rules


July 29, 2005

DARPA issues Area Closure.  Rules


July 19, 2005

DARPA issues Technical Paper Guidelines. Rules  


July 5, 2005

DARPA announces nine alternate semifinalists selected for the National Qualification Event.  Press Release


June 6, 2005

DARPA announces 40 semifinalists selected to advance to the National Qualification Event.  Press Release


April 21, 2005

DARPA has issued responses to site visit frequently asked questions. Rules


April 11, 2005

DARPA has issued updated instructions for Grand Challenge site visits. Rules


April 5, 2005

118 Teams Selected for Site Visits. Press Release


March 21, 2005
Team Applications removed from the website.

March 7, 2005
E-stop Guidance added to rules section.

February 15, 2005
Site Visit instructions added to rules section.
195 Teams Enter the Grand Challenge. Press Release

January 28, 2005
Video demonstration guidelines added to rules section.

January 25, 2005
A large number of first-time applications to the 2005 Grand Challenge have been received from a growing and enthusiastic robotics community. Press Release

October 25, 2004
Department of Defense Joint Robotics Program offers practice area. Details are available on the JRP website.

October 8, 2004
DARPA issues team status press release and provides rules.

September 16, 2004
Sponsor Toolkit added to team resources.

August 23, 2004
Team application page added to team resources.

August 19, 2004
Briefing materials from the Participants Conference and Team Application Status page added to Team Resources.

August 17, 2004
Enthusiastic Response for DARPA Participants Conference. Press Release

August 12, 2004
DARPA Grand Challenge 2005 Team Application Available. More Details

August 2, 2004
DARPA issues preliminary rules for community feedback. Press Release

July 19, 2004
DARPA issues media advisory about media briefing at the Participants Conference.

July 14, 2004
DARPA issues press release about the Grand Challenge 2005 applications.

June 24, 2004
On-line registration for the August 14, 2004 Participants Conference is available.

June 21, 2004:
A list of Grand Challenge questions and answers (Q&A) is published.

June 8, 2004:
DARPA issues press release about Grand Challenge 2005.

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