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Blue Team
Vehicle Name Ghostrider
Team E-mail
Location Berkeley, CA
Team Description* The Blue Team is made up of students from UC Berkeley and Texas A&M. We developed the worlds first autonomous motorcycle for the first Grand Challenge event in March of 2004. This ambitious goal is meant to give rise to a new and unique robotics platform with substantial mobility advantages.

From the day following the first Grand Challenge, members of the Blue team have been working non-stop on perfecting the stability control. From the lessons learned the previous year, we are developing specialized electronic equipment to facilitate the integration of components in a robotic vehicle. Currently, several other Grand Challenge teams are using components developed by the Blue Team to make their building and testing of their race vehicle cheaper, faster and simpler.

Our innovative vehicle could not have been feasible without equipment and funding from our sponsors including in particular AMD, Agilent, Crossbow, Dalsa, DRS, HD Systems and Raytheon. Recognition of our efforts has been evidenced by the amount of press we received. We successfully realized an ingenious software system that could keep the bike moving forward. [Popular Science June, p.86] Additionally, our team leader Anthony Levandowski was nominated for and won T&M worlds Test Engineer of The Year 2005 award.

The Blue Teams efforts will also lead to a robotic platform that can be used to test components of a motorcycle in extreme conditions such as crashes. The absolute repeatability of the platform can be used to more quickly and precisely tune suspension, braking, steering response, and traction of a vehicle without endangering a rider.

In the coming months, you can expect to see more innovation coming from the blue team as we integrate our vision processing into the low-level vehicle control.


AMD, Agilent, Crossbow, Crydom, Dalsa, DRS, EDT, HD Systems, MDK Motorsports, Navitar, PCBExpress, Raytheon, Tyco Electronics, US Digital, Xilinx.

*This information is supplied by the team.  DARPA does not verify team descriptions or sponsor lists.

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