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Team Resources

Final Event RNDF (11/21/07)
Final Event Sample MDF (11/21/07)
Team Pit Coordinates (10/26/07)
Team Welcome Meeting Brief (10/26/07)
Team Sponsorship Fact Sheet (8/17/07)
Sample Route Network Definition File (RNDF) Rev 1.5 (3/29/07)
Sample Mission Data File (MDF) Rev 1.4 (1/30/07)
Sample Route Network Definition File (RNDF) Map (5/12/06)
Vehicle Bumper Height Distribution (1/23/07)
Participants Conference Presentation Slides (5/21/06)

Educational Resources

DARPA Urban Challenge In-Class Projects (7/17/07)

Event Programs

National Qualification Event Program (02/04/08)
Urban Challenge Event Program (02/04/08)

External Links

Department of Defense Research & Engineering Prize: Wearable Power System

NASA Centennial Challenges
NASA Exploration System Mission Directorate Higher Education Project

Semifinalist Technical Papers (11/20/07)


Team Annieway 

Austin Robot Technology

Team Autonomous Solutions


Axion Racing

Ben Franklin Driving Team

Team Berlin

Team CajunBot

Team Caltech


Team Case

Team Cornell

Team Cybernet

Gator Nation

Team Gray

Honeywell/Intelligent Vehicle Systems

Insight Racing

Team Jefferson

Team Juggernaut

Team LUX





Team Oshkosh

Princeton University

SciAutonics/Auburn Engineering

Stanford Racing Team

Sting Racing

Tartan Racing

The Golem Group

Team UCF

University of Utah

Team Urbanator

Victor Tango

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