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Quantum Information Science and Technology


The Quantum Information Science and Technology (QuIST) program demonstrated the potentially significant advantages of quantum mechanical effects in communication and computing. Specific areas addressed included formulation of new algorithms and protocols for ultra-secure communications, ultra-precise metrology, information-bandwidth enhancements, the limits of quantum computation for accelerated speed over classical computation, and computational applications for which quantum computation offers significant advantage over known classical equivalents.

Concurrently with these theoretical advances, QuIST explored the development of component technology for secure quantum communication and quantum computation, including the development of robust megahertz rate single photon sources and detectors, practical implementations of single and multiple quantum bit logic gates, quantum memory, and systems-level constructs such as quantum repeaters. Theoretical and hardware integration developments were investigated, which included scalable assemblies of quantum logic and memory, quantum teleportation-based communication, coherent optic quantum communication, ultra-precise clock synchronization, and ultra-secure communication over large distances (100 km).










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