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Fundamental Research at the [Bio:Info:Micro] Interface


In collaboration with other DARPA offices, the Bio:Info:Micro program brought together interdisciplinary teams of researchers from the fields of biology, microsystems technology, and information technology to collectively address fundamental research issues at the intersections of biology and other fields. Common to all research efforts was the development of novel computational and microsystems tools to study biological systems ranging from single cells to the mammalian brain. An equally important component of each effort was the development of computational and microsystems tools that model the functional capabilities of biological systems.

Program accomplishments include—

  • Development of a cognitive neural prosthetic that decodes motor signals.
  • Development of the suspended microchannel resonant biosensor yielding extraordinarily high sensitivity.
  • Development of continuous flow methods for rapid fractionation of bioparticles including separation based on size and binding affinity for antigens. The latter was a microfluidic analog of magnetically assisted cell separation that was integrated on a chip for the first time.
  • Demonstration of DNA moving in channels under 100 nm in width resulting in an uncoiled DNA linear molecule; this DNA linearization lead to development of a quantitative understanding the behavior of DNA in such a channel.








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