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(Digital Manufacturing Analysis, Correlation and Estimation)

DARPA DMACE (Digital Manufacturing Analysis, Correlation and Estimation) Challenge

Update: 10DEC10

The DMACE Challenge has a winner!
You can see the official announcement here: http://www.darpa.mil/news/2010/DMACEFINAL.pdf

You can view the overall standings from the Final Challenge on the Leader Board page. Data sets for the both the cube and sphere final configurations are posted to the respective data sections.

Update: 08 DEC 10 – part 2

The ORNL Sphere video is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zt0xWqEzJiY

Update: 08 DEC 10

The preliminary results for the DMACE Challenge will be posted today, starting at 1430 EST for the Sphere testing, and 1530 EST for the Cube testing.

In the Gallery, you can see new images of the Shell, Lattice and Challenge Cube structures, as well as the remains of the Challenge Cube post testing. You'll also be able to download seven different videos of the Cube testing process from the Naval Postgraduate School.

For the Sphere testing at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, you can watch video explaining the building of the spheres and view the final testing using the video stream provided below:


Thanks again for everyone's participation! Check here tomorrow for the posting of the Final Challenge data, the Final Leader Board, and the announcement of the winner!

Update: 07 DEC 10

There were 21 competitors who submitted entries in the DMACE Challenge! Our team is currently reviewing the models we received, as well as overseeing the testing of the final sphere and cube configurations at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Naval Postgraduate School, respectively.

You will be able to see video of the testing as well as preliminary Leader Boards starting tomorrow (Wednesday, 08DEC10) around 1400 EST. Links will be provided on this home page.

Thanks again to all of those who participated and especially to the great people at ORNL and NPS who helped us bring the DMACE Challenge to life!

Update: 06 DEC 10

The DMACE Challenge submission window closes today at 1630 EST! Ensure you get your estimations and model summary entered using the 'Submit Entry' tab (viewable after logging in). Good luck to all the competitors!

Submitted models will be reviewed over the next two days, and the final sphere and cube configurations will be tested. Video of testing will be able to be viewed, either from links to streaming websites or downloads of video files.

Check back on this website for Leader Board unofficial results, which will start being posted at 1400 EST on Wednesday, 08 DEC 10. These rankings will only list the user or team name for each submission based on how close each entry is to the actual test results. Final rankings by user/team name with entries and the sample Mahalanobis distance results will be released later, subject to confirmation by the DMACE Challenge team.

Final determination of the individual or team winner will be subject to approval by the DARPA Director, and be handled in accordance with the Rules of the DMACE Challenge. A formal news release announcing the winner will be accompanied by notification by e-mail and posting to this website.

Update: 03 DEC 10

The Final Challenge begins at 0800 EST today! Entries will close out at 1630 EST, Monday, 06DEC10. All supplemental data has been posted to the Sphere and Cube data pages. There are several recent FAQ entries to view. There are several important files to depict the structure of the cube, downloadable on the 'Final Challenge Cube Data' page.

Update: 01 DEC 10

Practice #3 has started! The results will be posted at 1330 EST on 02DEC10. The remaining supplemental data will be posted by 1630 EST that day to prepare for the Final Challenge which will begin at 0800 EST on Friday, 03DEC10.

Update: 29 NOV 10

Practice #2 closes out at 1630 today, when we'll post the sphere (week 3) and cube (week 4) data sets in those folders. Check the FAQs for important new questions – including information on the structure of Practice #3 and the Final Challenge!

All of the 'background' data files in preparation for the Final Challenge will be made available this week.

The Final Challenge configurations will be released on www.DMACE.net on Friday, 03DEC10, at 0800 (EST).

Don't forget to write webmaster@DMACE.net with any other questions you might have.

Update: 24 NOV 10

Practice #1 has closed and the results are posted to the Leader Board! If a team entered an estimate, the team's logo is displayed, so team leaders – ensure you've updated your team logo on the 'Manage My Team' page.

Sets 15 and 16 for the spheres have been posted to the Week 2 Data (Sphere) page.
T16 Tension Test Data has been posted to the Week 3 Data (Cube) page.

New photos of the cube structures undergoing tests have been posted to the gallery page.

Practice #2 starts now! Log in and go to the 'Submit Entry #2' page to test your models against other competitors. It will close out at 1630 on Monday, 29 November 2010.

Update: 18 NOV 10

To aid in understanding exactly what competitors are being challenged to do, we've drafted the DMACE Challenge Problem Statement, full of important information on the processes used to develop the data we've released to you. You can download it here.

Also, the Week 1 Data for the sphere has been standardized and put into a more usable spreadsheet format, to be found on the Week 1 Data (Sphere) page, after you log in.

Update: 12 NOV 10

The Challenge has begun! Standardized data for both structures has been posted on the data pages. Expect weekly updates with new data to aid you in building your estimation models.

You must register in order to view the data. Now you can form teams to work on the Challenge together along with your own team logo. Good luck to all of the competitors and teams!

Digital Manufacturing (DM) involves the use of computers and "printers" that create physical components from the direct application of raw materials in accordance with a Computer Assisted Design (CAD) layout. Digital manufacturing techniques have the potential for the development of components that were previously very difficult or expensive to produce using conventional techniques.

What is the DARPA DMACE Challenge?

Under the Digital Manufacturing Analysis, Correlation and Estimation (DMACE) (pronounced “DEE-MACE”) Challenge, DARPA will digitally manufacture several complex structures and then conduct a series of structural load tests upon them. Data from the manufacture and load tests will then be posted on this website. Participants will be challenged to develop a correlation model that accurately correlates DM machine inputs to output structural test data. Participant models will then be evaluated by their ability to predict the test results of the final DM structures. The model that most accurately predicts the final test results wins the Challenge!

Why is DARPA investigating Digital Manufacturing applications?

Manufacturing small quantities of complex system components can be costly and time consuming. DM holds the promise of lowering both cost and time; both of which are critical concerns for the complex systems required to support DARPA mission objectives. The Challenge will be used to determine whether predictive correlations exist between DM settings and resultant product structural properties.

When will the Challenge take place?

Data for model development will be released incrementally beginning on or about October 29, 2010 and will continue through December 1, 2010. The final parameter change requiring correlation prediction will be posted via this website on December 3, 2010, after which participants will have a short amount of time to provide their predictions of test results for the two final designs as their entry. Participants will have until 4:30 PM EST December 6, 2010 to submit their prediction for the final structures. During the week of December 6, 2010, the final samples will be tested and the winner announced.

Bookmark this site for more information and to register for the DMACE Challenge, which will be available soon.



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