DARPA | DARPA DMACE (Digital Manufacturing Analysis, Correlation and Estimation) Challenge
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(Digital Manufacturing Analysis, Correlation and Estimation)

DARPA DMACE (Digital Manufacturing Analysis, Correlation and Estimation) Challenge

The Digital Manufacturing Analysis, Correlation and Estimation (DMACE) Challenge has a winner!

Congratulations to the team from the University of California, Santa Barbara for winning the DMACE Challenge and the $50,000 prize! You can read the news release here: News Release

The DMACE Challenge highlighted the capabilities of digital manufacturing and expanded the understanding of the science involved. DARPA digitally manufactured several complex structures and conducted a series of structural load tests upon them. Data from the manufacture and load tests is posted on this website. Participants were challenged to develop a correlation model that accurately correlates DM machine inputs to output structural test data. Participant models were evaluated by their ability to predict the test results of the final DM structures.

To aid in understanding exactly what competitors were challenged to do, we've re-posting the DMACE Challenge Problem Statement, full of important information on the processes used to develop the data we've released. You can download it here: DMACE Challenge Problem Statement

The future of DMACE:

To gain an understanding of what lies ahead in better understanding the capabilities of digital manufacturing, please read the documents entitled: DMACE Future.pptx which is complemented by the text in DMACE Future.docx.

For further information about the DMACE Challenge, please contact darpapublicaffairsoffice@darpa.mil