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All proceedings documents are teleprompter scripts in PDF format, in the order of presentation.


Director’s Welcome


Dr. Anthony J. Tether

Welcome to DARPATech 2007



Defense Sciences Office (DSO) Presentations


Dr. Brett Giroir

Ideas Begin here

Dr. Mitchell Zakin

The Next Revolution in Materials

Dr. Benjamin Mann

DSO Mathematics: The Heart and Soul of the Far Side

Mr. Daniel Kaufman

Simulation Without Programmers

Dr. Michael Callahan

Inner Armor

Ms. Barbara McQuiston

The Ultimate Q



Microsystems Technology Office (MTO) Presentations


Dr. John Zolper

To the Limits, and Beyond:
The Future of Component Technology

Dr. Michael Fritze

Ultra-Low Power Digital Electronic

Dr. Jagdeep Shah

Communication: Next Frontier

Dr. Amit Lal

Micro and Nano Electro-Mechanical Systems: Technology Engineering Metamorphosis

Dr. Dennis Healy

Mathematical Toolkit for the 21st Century Quantum Mechanic

Dr. Mark Rosker

Monolithic Radio Frequency Array and the Coming Revolution
of Convergence

Dr. Dean Collins

TRUST, but Verify



Doing Business with DARPA Presentations




Information Processing Technology Office (IPTO) Presentations


Dr. Charlie Holland

Decision Dominance

Dr. Chuck Morefield

Extreme Computing

Dr. Dan Oblinger


Dr. Joseph Olive

Language Translation

Dr. Sean O’Brien

Computational Social Science

Dr. Charlie Holland

The Way Forward



Tactical Technology Office (TTO) Presentations


Mr. Stephen Welby

Technology Limited Only By Imagination

Dr. Thomas Bussing

IMAGINE: Getting There Fast

Mr. Daniel Newman

IMAGINE: Operate without Restrictions

Dr. Wade Pulliam

IMAGINE: Operate with Persistence

Mr. Donald Woodbury

IMAGINE: Delivering Precision Effects

Mr. Stephen Welby

Share Your Imagination with Us


Virtual Space Office (VSO) Presentations


Dr. Steven Walker

DARPA Space Vision

Dr. Owen Brown

Access Infrastructure

Mr. Roger Hall

Space Situational Awareness

Lt Col Fred Kennedy,  USAF


Mr. Tim Clark

Global is Local

Dr. Brian Pierce

Outmaneuvering Surprise in Space


Strategic Technology Office (STO) - The Warfighter Presentations


Dr. David Honey

The New Strategic Environment

Dr. Peter Haaland

Chemical Mapping of Urban Environments

Dr. Joseph Durek

Transparent Walls and Dirt

Dr. Jennifer Ricklin

Seeing Through the Haze

Dr. Deepak Varshneya

Empowering the Guy on the Ground

Ms. Khine Latt

Maritime Challenges

Dr. Douglas Kirkpatrick

Energy as a Tactical Asset

Dr. Larry Stotts

Supporting the Future Strategic Warrior


Strategic Technology Office (STO) - Networks Presentations


Dr. David Honey

Sharpening Networks into Usable Weapons

Dr. Timothy Gibson

DARPA Moving & Storage: We Do the Heavy Lifting

Dr. Larry Stotts

Bridging the Gap Between Strategic/Operational Warfare
and Tactical Warfare

Mr. Preston Marshall

Tactical Networking:
It's More Than Just Command and Control

LTC Michael VanPutte, USA

Clean Slate—Enabling a Secure Global Information Grid

Dr. Brian Pierce

STO’s Networks and Warfighter Technologies Enable the
Strategic Spear


Information Exploitation Office (IXO) Presentations


Dr. Robert Tenney

Find the Bad Guys, Bad Places, Bad Things

Dr. Todd Hughes

The Mapping Revolution

Dr. Brian Leininger

Exploiting Sensor Data

Dr. Kendra Moore

Patterns, Patterns, Everywhere . . .

Dr. Mark Davis

Space to the Trenches


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