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Director’s Welcome

Dr. Anthony J. Tether

Welcome to DARPATech 2005—Powered by Ideas

Defense Sciences Office (DSO) Presentations

Dr. Steven Wax

DSO Overview: Ideas Begin Here

Dr. Amy Kruse

Defense and Biology: Fundamentals for the Future

Dr. Benjamin Mann

Through a Mathematical Looking Glass

Dr. Ralph Chatham

A Tale of Training Superiority, Games, and People Stuff

COL Geoffrey Ling

Keeping a Pact

Dr. Brett Giroir

The Future of Ideas

Microsystems Technology Office (MTO) Presentations

Dr. John Zolper

Integrated Microsystems: A Revolution on Five Frontiers

Dr. Steve Pappert

The RF Frontier and Beyond

Dr. Jag Shah

Moore's Law for Photonics and Beyond

Ms. Sharon Beermann-Curtin

Power for the Warfighter

Dr. Dennis Polla

NEMS: The Next Revolution in Miniaturization

Dr. Dennis Healy

Microsystems, Complexity, and the Adaptive Battlefield

Dr. Dean Collins

Technical Push on Integrated Microsystems

Director’s Office Presentation

Dr. Robert F. Leheny

DARPA's Urban Operations Programs

General Counsel Office Presentation

Mr. Jesse Bendahan

Doing Business with DARPA

Contracts Management Office/Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Presentations

Ms. Connie Jacobs

Small Businesses Solve Real-World Issues on the Battlefield

CDR Dylan Schmorrow

Improving Warfighter Performance through Partnerships

Information Processing Technology Office (IPTO) Presentations

Dr. Ronald Brachman

The Heart of the Mind

Dr. Mari Maeda

Making the Most of Sensing and Experiencing for the
Next Patrol

Dr. Joseph Olive

My Mind to Your Mind

Mr. David Gunning

Learning and Reasoning: The True Heart of the Mind

Dr. Tom Wagner

We Are Not Alone

Dr. Charles Holland

Broadening the Scope

Dr. Barbara Yoon

Getting to the Heart of the Mind

Advanced Technology Office (ATO) Presentations

Dr. David Honey

The Network as Weapon

Dr. Adel Saleh

Next-Generation Global DoD Enterprise Network

Mr. Preston Marshall

Robust Tactical Networks

Maj Ryan Paterson

Capturing Live Combat in Network Centric Warfare

Ms. Khine Latt

Naval Supremacy

LtCol Edward Tovar

USMC Distributed Operations

Dr. Anup Ghosh

Defending Warfighter Networks

Dr. Larry Stotts


Special Projects Office (SPO) Presentations

Dr. Joseph Guerci


Dr. Wayne Bryden

Assured Urban Operations

Dr. Edward Baranoski

Urban Operations, The New Frontier for Radar

Mr. Timothy Clark

Tailored Tactical Surveillance

Dr. Greg Duckworth

The Enemy Beneath: Finding and Monitoring Unimproved Underground Facilities

Mr. Tom McCreery

Defense Against Biological and Chemical Threats

Dr. Brian Peirce


Information Exploitation Office (IXO) Presentations

Dr. Theodore Bially

Lifting the Fog of War

Dr. Robert Tenney

ISR in the Urban Environment

Dr. Michael Pagels

Avoiding Death by Data

Dr. Kendra Moore

Pirates, Patterns, and Other Passions

Dr. Robert Popp

Utilizing Social Science Technology to Understand and Counter the 21st Century Strategic Threat

Dr. Theodore Bially


Tactical Technology Office (TTO) Presentations

Dr. Arthur Morrish

Here Be Dragons

Mr. Philip Hunt

Next Generation Aerostructures

LtCol David Lucia

Propulsion Propels Transformation

Dr. Thomas Beutner

The X-Plane Imperative

Dr. Sheldon Meth

Disruptive High-Energy Laser Technology

Dr. Karen Wood

Searching for the Next “60-Day Wonder”

Mr. Stephen Welby

There Be Dragons

Virtual Space Office (VSO) Presentations

Dr. Gary Graham


Dr. Steven Walker

"Responsive" Access and Infrastructure

LtCol Jim Shoemaker

Space Situational Awareness and Mission Protection

Dr. Michael Zatman

Supporting the Warfighter from Space

Mr. Richard McCormick

Closing Presentation Remarks

Joint Unmanned Combat Air Systems (J-UCAS) Presentation

Dr. Mike Francis

Joint Unmanned Combat Air Systems: The Have Blue of the 21st Century

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