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2004 Symposium
March 9 - 11, Anaheim, CA



Remarks were prepared for delivery by presenters at the DARPATech 2004 Symposium March 9-11, 2004, in Anaheim, California.



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 Dr. Anthony J.  Tether

 Welcome and Overview

 Script  (77kb)






 Dr. Gary Graham

 Introduction to TTO

 Slides (318kb)
 Script  (99kb)


 Mr. Van Olinger

 Future of Aviation

 Slides (3.2mb)
 Script  (70kb)


 Dr. Steven  Walker

 Quest for HypersonicFlight

 Slides (4.3mb)
 Script  (32kb)


 Dr. Larry Jackel

 Learning Navigation and  Locomotion

 Slides (1.9mb)
 Script  (64kb)


 Dr. Brad Tousley

 Precision Urban Combat

 Slides (3.5mb)
 Script  (68kb)


 Dr. Gary Graham


 Script  (29.2kb)






 Dr. Amy Alving


 Slides (10.2mb)
 Script  (76kb)


 Dr. Wayne  Bryden

 Chemical, Biological, and  Radiological  Defense

 Slides (1.1mb)
 Script  (80kb)


 Dr. Greg  Duckworth

 Counter Underground  Facilities

 Slides (2.7mb)
 Script  (40kb)


 Dr. Greg  Duckworth

 GPS-Free Navigation

 Slides (1.6mb)
 Script  (40kb)


 Dr. Larry Corey

 Tailored Tactical Surveillance

 Slides (7.2mb)
 Script  (64kb)


 Mr. Paul Benda

 Assured Urban Operations

 Slides (1.1mb)
 Script  (44kb)


 Dr. Amy Alving


 Slides (1.3mb)
 Script  (7.3kb)






 Dr. Gary  Graham


 Slides (3.4mb)
 Script  (28kb)


 Dr. Tim Grayson

 Access and Awareness

 Slides (2.1mb)
 Script  (32kb)


 Dr. Michael  Zatman

 Engagement and Mission  Protection

 Slides (1.75mb)
 Script  (64kb)


 Dr. John Evans

 Laptops in Space

 Slides (256kb)
 Script  (28kb)


 Dr. Leo  Christodoulou

 Final Frontier No More

 Slides (10.1mb)
 Script  (32kb)


 Dr. Joe Guerci


 Slides (312kb)
 Script  (20kb)






 Dr. Ted Bially

 Overview of IXO

 Slides (664kb)
 Script  (80kb)


 Lt Col Jack  McCrae

 Emerging Opportunities in  Optical Sensing  and  Exploitation

 Slides (540kb)
 Script  (28kb)


 Mr. Gerard Titi

 The Next Steps in Advanced  Intelligence,  Surveillance,  and Reconnaissance (ISR)  Radar

 Slides (412b)
 Script  (28b)


 Dr. Thomas  Strat

 Precision Identification and  Persistent  Sensing

 Slides (732kb)
 Script  (44kb)


 Mr. Jeffrey Paul

 Future Sensor/Visualization  Concepts for  the Dismount  Warfighter

 Slides (3mb)
 Script  (28kb)


 Dr. Robert  Tenney

 Continuous Transformation of  Battle  Command

 Slides (3.84mb)
 Script  (28kb)


 Dr. Ted Bially


 Script  (44kb)






 Dr. David Honey

 Overview Powering Network-  Centric  Operations

 Script  (44kb)


 COL Tim Gibson

 Secure Dynamic Robust and  Reliable  Networking (SDR&R)  for Network-Centric  Operations

 Slides (760kb)
 Script  (32b)


 Dr. Reggie  Brothers

 R3I Communications for  Network-Centric  Operations

 Slides (3.67mb)
 Script  (32kb)


 Dr. Anup Ghosh

 Assured Networking for  Network-Centric  Operations

 Slides (1.6mb)
 Script  (32kb)


 CAPT Don  Babcock

 Maritime Vision for the Future

 Slides (80kb)
 Script  (40kb)


 Ms. Khine Latt

 Technology Solutions for  Maritime  Operations

 Slides (248kb)
 Script  (44kb)


 Dr. David Honey

 Concluding Remarks

 Script  (36kb)






 Dr. Ronald  Brachman

 Taming the Monster: The  Next Computing  Revolution

 Slides (16.3mb)
 Script  (108.4kb)


 Dr. Barbara  Yoon

 Get Smart: Real-World  Learning

 Slides (980kb)
 Script  (101.4kb)


 Mr. David  Gunning

 Beyond Science Fiction:  Building a Real  Cognitive  Assistant

 Slides (5.7mb)
 Script (100.6kb)


 Mr. Chris  Ramming

 Cognitive Networks

 Slides (897kb)
 Script  (86.43kb)


 Mr. Lee Badger

 Security-Aware Critical  Systems

 Slides (1.93mb)
 Script  (96.6kb)


 Dr. Barbara  Yoon

 Bridging the Gap: Computer  Science to  Cognitive  Systems

 Slides (152kb)
 Script  (78.5kb)






 Ms. Connie  Jacobs


 Slides (1.15mb)
 Script  (28kb)


 LCDR Dylan  Schmorrow

 SBIR Success: Small  Business Bridging  Gaps

 Slides (452kb)
 Script  (52kb)






 Mr. Zach  Lemnios

 The Next DARPA Revolution:  Integrated Microsystems

 Slides (8.2mb)
 Script  (32kb)


 Dr. John Zolper

 Electronics in Integrated  Microsystems for  Battle  Space Information  Dominance

 Slides (12.2mb)
 Script  (28kb)


 LTC John  Carrano

 Sensor Dominance:  Exploiting Photons for  Biological Agent Detection

 Slides (6.64mb)
 Script  (32kb)


 Dr. Clark  Nguyen

 Micro-Electro Mechanical  Systems:  Scaling Beyond  the Electrical Domain

 Slides (6.4mb)
 Script  (32kb)


 Dr. Mark Rosker

 Bridging the THz Gap

 Slides (2.7mb)
 Script  (28kb)


 Mr. Zach  Lemnios

 Recap and Wrap-up

 Script  (24kb)






 Dr. Steven Wax

 Untethering the Future: DSO  Overview

 Slides (472kb)
 Script  (53.7kb)


 Dr. John Main

 Obtaining Unobtanium: New  Materials

 Slides (498kb)
 Script  (28kb)


 Maj John Lowell

 Letting Schrödinger’s Cat Out  of Pandora’s  Box: Quantum  Mechanics for Defense

 Slides (409kb)
 Script  (28kb)


 Dr. Carey  Schwartz

 Making Math Count:  Exploiting  Mathematics

 Slides (4.51mb)
 Script  (71.4kb)


 Dr. Brett Giroir

 After the BioRevolution:  Maintaining Human Combat  Performance

 Slides (433kb)
 Script  (68kb)


 Dr. Steven Wax

 Now for Something  Completely Different:  DSO  Reprise

 Script  (23kb)






 Dr. Mike Francis


 Slides (6.72mb)
 Script  (80kb)


 CAPT Ralph  Alderson

 Joint Unmanned Combat Air  Vehicle  Systems

 Slides (1.02mb)
 Script  (56kb)


 Mr. Marc Pitarys

 Common Systems and  Technologies

 Slides (5.1mb)
 Script  (65kb)


 Lt. Col. Paul  Waugh

 Challenges and Opportunities

 Slides (3.12mb)
 Script  (52.7kb)



 Dr. Robert  Leheny

 DARPA Tech 2004 Wrap-up

 Slides (1.76mb)
 Script  (58.3kb)





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