Cyber Grand Challenge

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The World's First All-Machine Hacking Tournament

August 4, 2016|Paris Hotel & Conference Center, Las Vegas, NV

Event Recap

Starting with over 100 teams consisting of some of the top security researchers and hackers in the world, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) pit seven teams against each other in the Cyber Grand Challenge final event, held August 4 in Las Vegas. During the competition, each team's Cyber Reasoning System (CRS) automatically identified software flaws, and scanned a purpose-built, air-gapped network to identify affected hosts. For nearly twelve hours teams were scored based on how capably their systems protected hosts, scanned the network for vulnerabilities and maintained the correct function of software.

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The Cyber Grand Challenge featured never-before-seen autonomous systems and highly trained experts, many of whom compete regularly on a global "Capture the Flag" tournament circuit. Drawing on the best traditions of computer security competitions, CGC challenged these experts to have their specially-engineered systems compete against each other to evaluate software, test for vulnerabilities, generate security patches and apply them to protected computers on a network. In the end, CGC validated the concept of automated cyber defense, bridging the gap between the best security software and cutting-edge program analysis research.

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At the event, seven high-performance computers, developed by seven competing teams composed of white-hat hackers, academics and private-sector cyber system experts, engaged in an all-day event live in front of thousands of viewers in conjunction with DEF CON, the nation's largest hacker convention. The last three hours of the event was accompanied by large-screen visualizations of the competing computers' actions and was tracked and explained in real time by a team of sportscasters.

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