Team ViGIR
Team ViGIR
Blacksburg, Virginia
Darmstadt, Germany
Corvallis, Oregon

Our team has worked together across each major component, and focused on early integration and few “black boxes” to be delivered later. Frequent communication and collaborative wiki-based project management allows us to keep everyone on the same page despite the geographic dispersion. Given the aggressive schedule and relatively small team, our focus has been on basic competencies and allowing the operator to guide the robot. We leveraged the open source ROS libraries where possible, and supplemented with custom code where needed.

Involvement in Prior DARPA Challenges:

TORC Robotics placed 3rd in the DARPA Urban Challenge as part of Team Victor Tango in collaboration with Virginia Tech Mechanical Engineering. Several TORC employees were involved in the DARPA Grand Challenges as students at Virginia Tech.

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