IHMC Robotics
IHMC Robotics
Pensacola, FL

Because we are a Track B team, most of our effort is in software development. We have a team of people that are responsible for all of the hardware related tasks, including Atlas belay system and construction of the tasks. For software, we currently have a few internal teams. One team is developing code to be able to perform all of the tasks using the Boston Dynamics walking and manipulation code.  One team is developing our whole body control algorithm to work with Atlas. Another team is developing an improved force control algorithm that would replace the one that Boston Dynamics is supplying.

Other Interesting Items of Note about the Team:

Our team has a range of education levels. Here are the statistics:

High School Students: 2
Undergraduate Students: 4
Graduate Students: 7
Staff with Bachelor’s degree: 6
Staff with Master’s degree: 4
Staff with Doctorate degree: 5

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