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Kairos Autonomi has utilized existing technology as a benchmark for new technology development. Team Chiron began with a quarter scale prototype robot to develop initial software profiles that could be transferred to larger robots. This robot was built using only 3rd party components.

The half scale robot used for task simulation has utilized a variety of Kairos developed technologies working in concert with 3rd party motors. The full scale robot Team Chiron expects to use for the Trials will use only Kairos manufactured hardware.

Simple static motion and manipulation is very useful in tasks that require precision and reliability.  The Chiron hexapod design gives great dexterity to travel over uneven terrain as well as stable manipulation. 

The majority of our team members have been focused primarily on hardware component creation, while a smaller number of team members have been focused primarily on software development. Team Chiron has benefited from numerous technology vectors produced by Kairos Autonomi.

Developing a Robot for DRC:

Team Chiron's approach to being successful in the DRC is to use the dexterity of a hexapod design with the simplicity of static motion.  A robust and versatile design allows for the robot to handle a variety of tasks that require both manipulation and stable motion. Utilizing existing technology components already utilized in other robotic systems significantly reduced the development timeline.

Involvement in Prior DARPA Challenges:

Three team members (Troy Takach, Bryan Berrett, Jean Takach) were part of Team Juggernaut, which participated in the 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge and the 2007 DARPA Urban Challenge. Thomas Grover was part of Team Juggernaut for the 2007 DARPA Urban Challenge.

36 inches
150 lbs
90 inches
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