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DRC Technology Expo

The DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals will showcase 24 teams from around the world demonstrating the ability of their robots to conduct key relief tasks in a simulated disaster setting. At stake: $3.5 million in prizes, and the chance to help bring this fledgling engineering discipline to maturity. A technology Exposition, co-located with the Finals event, will show viewers state-of-the-art robotics technology through more than 70 exhibits and interactive demonstrations by robotics companies, STEM organizations, first responders and competing DRC teams.

The Expo will have something for everyone, from those who just want to meet a robot up close, to those who want to learn programming and robot hardware design. Here's a taste of what you'll be able to do:

  • Observe a pair of humanoid robots during a long-endurance walkathon
  • Put your own home-built robots through their paces on a test course
  • Earn your Robot Driver's License
  • See demonstrations of an electric robotic "Cheetah" that runs and jumps over obstacles
  • Get your picture taken with current and past DRC-competing robots including NASA's Valkyrie
  • Observe demonstrations of modular snake and spider robots while they climb poles and navigate cluttered terrain
  • Stand in an aviary to experience unmanned aerial vehicle formation flights and self-healing networks
  • Pilot the VideoRay platform and SeaPerch educational robots in an underwater demo tank
  • Watch first responders test responder gear and emergency response technology
  • Learn programming and robot hardware design from university experts and component developers
  • See first-hand the benefits of youth robotics programs and other STEM outreach efforts, including hands-on demonstrations with students and educators

The DARPA Robotics Challenge Technology Exposition will take place on June 5 and 6 between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. at the Fairplex in Pomona. For more information, visit The Technology Expo page

DRC Technology Expo

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