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Team DAD
Vehicle Name "DAD, Are We There Yet?"
Team E-mail
Location Morgan Hill, CA
Team Description* Team DAD (Digital Auto Drive) is known to all who participated or observed the first Grand Challenge event (GC I) in March of 2004. Team DAD completed the QID course 8 times, was awarded the fourth pole position, and finished third, traveling 6.0 miles before becoming hung up on a rock.

Team DAD was one of the true innovators at GC I. By employing a unique high-speed stereo-vision system and exceptionally smooth servo control, Team DAD's technology impressed both the press and the DARPA ITET team assigned to review technology brought forth due to the event:

"We observed Team DAD's robot at the different venues and noticed its apparently very smooth motion none of the abrupt stop-and-go action noticeable in most other vehicles... Team DAD was unique in that they relied solely on a high-speed stereo implementation coupled with dynamic vehicle following that operated in a purely reflexive manner." 
DARPA Independent Test and Evaluation Team (ITET)

"In a field of teams using off-the-shelf tech, [Team DAD] delivered true innovation." 
Popular Mechanics

David Hall, who is no neophyte to technical innovation, leads team DAD. After founding and building Velodyne Acoustics, Inc, the subwoofer provider of choice for audiophiles worldwide, David turned his creative attentions to robotics, successfully participating in many Battle-Bots, Robot Wars, and Robotica competitions. But remote-controlled robots only pointed the way down the road to the Holy Grail of the future-fully autonomous vehicles that sense the world around them and navigate through it.

Other team members include Bruce Hall, responsible for business development, communications, and the team's web site; Ann Gargiulo, PR and marketing communications; Bob Coleman, sponsorships; Chris Kallai, head mechanical engineer; Tn Luong, electrical engineer; and Rick Yoder, mechanical engineer.

Sponsors* As of this writing, Team DAD lists Texas Instruments and Toyota as its sponsors, with more sponsors expected as the next event nears.

*This information is supplied by the team.  DARPA does not verify team descriptions or sponsor lists.

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