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Vehicle Name CyberRider1
Team E-mail
Location San Juan Capistrano, CA
Team Description* Team CyberRider is a collection of very diverse individuals with a common goal: Create a vehicle that will win the 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge and make a contribution to the autonomous robotic community. Our approach enables our success and attracts talented people.

We are a group of volunteers that have “day jobs” and know we can make a difference by being part of this history making event. Our numbers continue to grow as people learn of our goals. All are welcome regardless of the amount of time available to participate or specialty. It is exciting to be around so much energy and intellectual capital.

Last year we were part of the selected few invited to participate in the QlD. We have learned from our experiences in preparing for last year’s race and we are up for this year’s challenge. Many people associated with the race have commented that our vehicle may be the most capable of winning the race. The development and use of a project plan has helped us manage the people and tasks required to have a successful entry.

We have designed a robust vehicle with large wheels and long travel airbag suspension, allowing traversal of rough terrain at high speeds yet minimizing vibration and g-forces on the instrumentation and computers. Our current main focus is to increase the range and precision of our sensing units and to test and to test and train software and hardware in a multitude of environments.

We solicit potential team members and sponsors to join us. Everyone can track our progress by visiting our web site. The team also strives on fluid communications among themselves and with other teams. In the spirit of cooperation and working within the robotic community Team CyberRider promotes collaboration between teams. A communication forum on our team website has been established to support our communication efforts. Drop by, sign up and join in on the fun.

Team CyberRider’s Vision is: . . .“ to win the 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge by building a team that gathers and focuses the energy of individuals with a passion for innovation and a commitment to amplify their ideas through collaboration.”

Sponsors* Aquatec Water Systems.

*This information is supplied by the team.  DARPA does not verify team descriptions or sponsor lists.

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