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Vehicle Name Autonomobile
Team E-mail inquiries@autonosys
Location Ottawa, Canada
Team Description* “We at Autonosys have been developing our autonomous systems technologies for the last 2 years. The DARPA Grand Challenge is a fantastic opportunity for us to demonstrate our world leading technologies against the world’s best.”

Autonosys was founded in August 2004 to exploit technology developed by the founders over the last two years. This technology has been tested before against competition from around the world at the Trinity Fire Fighting competition which has been run for the last 11 years. In this contest robots must search a model house and put out a fire in minimum time, all completely without human control. Earlier this year, Autonosys robots placed first and second in the senior division of this contest. The cumulative time taken to find and put out the fire three times was 18 seconds for the first placed Autonosys robot. The fastest non-Autonosys robot took 125 seconds for the same task.

Dr. O’Neill commented, “Given our previous competition successes, we are very confident of our ability to take on the DARPA Grand Challenge. To improve our chances of success even further, we are now working on fundamental improvements in sensing. These improvements in sensing will allow us to see smaller obstacles further out than any competitor in the 2004 DARPA Grand Challenge. Combining this breakthrough in sensing with our navigation and planning subsystems will create a vehicle which will have all the capabilities it needs to find its way across the desert to the finish line within the 10 hour time limit”.

Sponsors* Logic Supply, Opus Solutions, Apace Wholesale, and Permedia Research Group

*This information is supplied by the team.  DARPA does not verify team descriptions or sponsor lists.

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