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Autonomous Vehicle Systems
Vehicle Name Flying Fox
Team E-mail
Location San Diego, CA
Team Description*

Autonomous Vehicle Systems LLC is a team of industry professionals and scientific researchers with expertise in advanced sensor development, UAV development, autonomous navigation and control, software development, automated machine control, and high performance vehicle modifications.  Strategic corporate partners have also joined in the areas of rugged military grade computer systems, navigation sensors, and high speed vision processing.

"This is one of the most experienced and enthusiastic group of individuals and corporate partners I've ever had the pleasure to work with," says Dr. Michael Vest, President of Autonomous Vehicle Systems LLC.  

Autonomous Vehicle Systems' entry, Flying Fox, is based on a 1987 USMC HMMWV.  By adapting an autonomous system to this demonstration vehicle, the company plans to develop a cost effective approach to enhance existing military vehicles.  The products will have a professional fit for immediate use, with attention to quality, detail, reliability, and ease of use.

The same technologies developed for military applications can also be used in the automotive industry for collision avoidance, pedestrian detection, parking assistance, sleepy/designated driver systems, and advanced transportation systems.

"We are excited to be a part of this historic event," says Vest.  "Vehicles developed for the Grand Challenge will push the capabilities of autonomous sensors and navigation for ground based vehicles.  The breakthroughs developed through this competition will someday save lives on the battlefield as well as on the roads at home." 

Sponsors* Please see our website for a complete list of our sponsors.

*This information is supplied by the team.  DARPA does not verify team descriptions or sponsor lists.

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