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Conferences Archive: February 22, 2003, Los Angeles, CA

Conference Briefings, Transcripts, and Attendance List

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Organizers of the DARPA Grand Challenge held a conference at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, CA on February 22nd. The conference offered potential participants and interested observers an opportunity to find out how they can get involved, meet other contestants, and explore teaming opportunities.

DARPA invited a wide range of potential participants to the conference, including advertisers and corporate sponsors, artificial intelligence developers, auto manufacturers and suppliers, computer programmers, futurists, inventors, motor sports enthusiasts, movie producers, off-road enthusiasts, remote-sensing developers, roboticists, science fiction writers, technology companies, universities, video game publishers, and other trailblazers. The 400+ organizations and individuals who attended the conference represented many of these fields.

“The strong turnout at the competitors’ conference is a tremendous step forward to ensure the success of the DARPA Grand Challenge, both for this one and others in the future,” said DARPA Director Dr. Anthony J. Tether. “We are encouraged that so many committed, innovative organizations and people are interested in participating in this history-making program.”

The competitors’ conference started in the morning with a series of briefings by event organizers on various aspects of the Grand Challenge, including an introduction to DARPA, program overview and objectives, route description, rules and technical requirements, and entry procedures and timelines. After the briefings, a teaming forum allowed potential participants to network, exchange information and start building teams.

DARPA Grand Challenge organizers will continue to share information and facilitate team building through a variety of outreach activities leading up to October 13, 2003, when applicants’ technical papers are due. The Grand Challenge web site – – will serve as the gateway for updates on the event and a forum for discussion for participants and interested observers.

Conference Briefings
Conference Transcripts
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Attendance lists are no longer available online. Conference FAQs will be posted shortly.

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