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Oshkosh, WI

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Team Oshkosh (formerly Team TerraMax™) will once again field a DARPA Challenge team with the dedication and expertise to take TerraMax™ to the performance level needed for the DARPA Urban Challenge.

Team Oshkosh understands the additional hurdles we must overcome by working with vehicles the size of TerraMax™, but feel it is the most relevant platform for development of autonomous systems which focus on providing logistics support. Team Oshkosh will again utilize a vehicle based on the U.S. Marine Corps MTVR that provides a majority of the logistics support for the Marine Corps. The intention is to optimize the autonomous system design such that it can be supplied in kit form. With Team Oshkosh, all design and program decisions are made with not only the Urban Challenge goal in mind, but eventual fielding objectives as well.

Oshkosh Truck will modify the vehicle to optimize the control-by-wire systems and upgrade to a superior low-level control strategy. Improvements since the last Grand Challenge have been identified and will be implemented. Modifications to the vehicle chassis will provide a better dynamic capability in the urban environment.

Teledyne Scientific Company (formerly Rockwell Scientific Company) was a major contributor to Team TerraMax’s™ success in the last Grand Challenge with much of the software generated around their unique and high performance algorithms. The team will again rely on them to support mission and path planning, and much of the vehicle’s high level control and programming. Auburn University also returns to provide some of the same support from last year in working to provide a well thought out and robust GPS/IMU package capable for the task of urban operations.

We are excited to bring to the urban environment our sensor capabilities stemming from our long relationships with the University of Parma and IBEO. They will be providing exclusive vision system and LIDAR solutions that they have been developing in Europe for many years with focus on the challenges the DARPA Urban Challenge presents.

*This information is supplied by the team.  DARPA does not verify team descriptions.

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