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The Golem Group

The Golem Group LLC

Vehicle Name

Golem 3



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Santa Monica, CA

Team Description*

We believe the Golem Group best exemplifies the kind of nontraditional entrepreneurial team that was the original target of the DARPA Grand Challenge.  We began in the first Grand Challenge as a motley group of scientists and tinkerers in a garage with a shoestring budget, yet we scraped together a vehicle which challenged or outperformed heavily-funded efforts by major research universities and defense contractors.  On the strength of that showing, we were ourselves able to garner some university support (from UCLA) and build a much more sophisticated vehicle for the second Grand Challenge.  Now, with the prospect of DARPA funding, we are ready to enter the Urban Challenge as an independent company of full-time research staff.

*This information is supplied by the team.  DARPA does not verify team descriptions.

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